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Arts, Crafts & Sewing

  • Martha Stewart Glass Silkscreen, Birds and Branches

    Easy to follow instructions Self adhesive-will stick to any non-pourous surface Soap and water cleanup Handy and re-usable Contains 1 multi-design silkscreen
    $ 3.00
  • 2 Yards 140mesh High Quality And Low Price Silk Screen Mesh Screen Printing Mesh

    100% Polyester Monofilament Mesh 140mesh/56T high quality low price code number:007206
    $ 4.00
  • Jacquard Photo Emulsion & Diazo 8oz

    Jacquard Photo Emulsion & Diazo Sensitizer for silk screening. Mix together, following the instructions, then squeegee on the outside of the screen
    $ 7.00
  • Jacquard Jac-JSI1121 Screen Printing Ink, 4 oz, Solar Gold

    Can be used on natural and synthetic fabrics, paper, vinyl, wood, leather, metal, plastic and more Archival and lightfast Screen printing, block and relief printing Clean up is easy with soap and water
    $ 8.78
  • Martha Stewart Outline Glass Cling, Modern Blossoms

    Perfect for seasonal decorations Painted clings can be peeled off and repositioned For best results use Martha Stewart Liquid Fill paint Handy and re-usable Contains 2 multi-design paintable clings
    $ 9.00
  • Klear Screen KS-SP12 Travel Singles Kit

    Cleans, protects, and preserves your laptops, desktops, cell phones, PDA's, GPS navigational systems and more Anti-static Alcohol, ammonia & sodium lauryl sulfate free Kit includes 12 Klear Screen Travel Singles and 1 travel size DMT antimicrobial microfi
    $ 9.00
  • Klear Screen KS-2K Starter Kit

    Perfect solution for cleaning CRT Screens, most LCD Screens, TV's, CD's, and DVD's. 1 - 2 oz. Spray Bottle of Klear Screen. 3 - Klear Screen Step 1/Step 2 Wet/Dry Travel Singles. 1 - Medium Size Antimicrobial Microfiber Polishing Cloth. Made in USA. 1- 2
    $ 9.00
  • Yudu Registration Panels, 2 Pack

    Registration panels for use with the Yudu machine Makes registering artwork easy and more precise Contains two 15 by 19 inch registration panels Helps protect the glass on machine from scratches Helps align multiple screens for multicolored designs
    $ 10.00
  • 2 pc of Screen Frame Butterfly Hinge Clamp for Silk Screen Printing Sturdy Quality 009022, screws NOT included

    2 pcs of Screen Frame Butterfly Hinge Clamp For Starters, new beginners learn how to screen printing. This is only one of the many screen printing neccessary tools.
    $ 11.00
  • Plaid:Craft Martha Stewart Crafts Glass Silkscreen 8.5"X11"-Antique Lace

    Easy to follow instructions Self adhesive-will stick to any non-pourous surface Soap and water cleanup Handy and re-usable Contains 1 multi-design silkscreen
    $ 12.00
  • Saati Direct Prep 2 Screen Degreaser with Wetting Agent, Quart

    Screen mesh degreaser with wetting agent Use with direct photopolymer emulsions
    $ 15.00
  • Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate 5X7 Inches

    Monoprinting without a press! Gel Printing Plates that look and feel like gelatin but are reusable Easy to clean and care for - store at room temperature Made of unique plastic that contains mineral - no latex or animal products Use with acrylic paint for
    $ 18.00
  • Yudu Compatible Ink 301 White Matsui Screen Printing Ink

    Color: 301 White Size: 16 oz. High Opacity
    $ 19.00
  • Speedball Fabric Screen Printing Ink, Black (4600)

    For Use On Most Fabrics & Other Surfaces Great For T-Shirts! Easy Clean Up! 32 oz. Jar
    $ 19.00
  • Plaid Simply Custom Silk Screen Refill Kit

    Use with the Custom Screen Kit - Create custom designs in minutes Each design you create can be used up to 50 times Print your design over and over - print on t-shirts, tank tops, hoodies, bags and more Print your own artwork, stick it to the screen; put
    $ 19.00
    $ 19.00
  • Speedball Basic Screen Printing Kit for Stencil Method

    Screen printing kit ideal for basic stencil screen printing Go from idea to print in less than 20 minutes Create your own reusable stencils for multiple prints now and later Fabric ink is AP Non-toxic, archival, odorless and cleans up with water Great gif
    $ 22.00
  • Speedball 45027 Glo'n'dark Screenprint Set

    Single - 32 ounce bottle of ink Watersoluble Great for use on paper or textiles Non-toxic and cleans up easily with soap and water Black ink
    $ 26.00
  • Jacquard Screen Printing Kit, Opaque

    Make your own art prints, cards, wearable art and more Includes opague colors, silk screen, squeegee, emulsion, sensitizer, acetate sheets, stir stick, instructions Washable and dryable on nautral and synthetic fabrics Inks are water-soluble Conforms to a
    $ 33.00
  • Speedball Original Screen Printing Kit each

    Kit is ideal for a basic introduction to screen printing A fun and easy kit with everything you need for designing and printing Print your own original designs for endless possibilities Non-Toxic and cleans up with water Ideal for screenprinting on paper-
    $ 39.00
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