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  • Motor Medic by Gunk MF3 High Mileage 5-Minute Motor Flush - 32 oz.

    Frees up sludge associated with slow city driving Removes accumulated gums, varnishes, and sludge from internal engine parts Releases sticky valves and piston rings, allowing oil to circulate freely to all parts of the motor This item is not for sale in C
    $ 5.00
  • Motorbike Engine Flush 250ml

    Gentle and rapid cleaning Neutral to seals and other materials installed in the engine. Compatible with catalytic converters. Highly economical. Ensures the return of original engine performance.
    $ 5.00
  • Motorbike Radiator Cleaner 150ml

    Chemical conversion of lime. Dissolves grease and oil. Disperses sludge. Does not attack materials used in cooling systems. Compatible with antifreezes.
    $ 5.00
  • Penray 3210, Power Steering System Flush - 12 fl. oz

    Keeps the engine clean with superior detergents Extends engine life with anti-wear agents Counteracts the effect of oxidation with acid neutralizers Protects internal engine parts against deterioration, bio-fuel residue and condensation with advanced corr
    $ 6.00
  • Gumout 5073335 Professional Power Steering Flush - 32 oz.

    No harmful solvents Use during power steering fluid exchange or every 50,000 miles Ensures smooth steering
    $ 6.00
  • Penray 6533, Professional Automatic Transmission Flush - 12 fl. oz

    Restores performance Reduces friction and wear Conditions seals and O-Rings Frees sticky valves Use with 6534 Professional Automatic Transmission Conditioner for a complete service For professional use
    $ 6.00
  • DEI 040202 Radiator Relief Cooling System Flush, 16 oz.

    Concentrated cleansing agent that effectively removes rust and mineral deposits Dissolves oily residue build-up left behind in old antifreeze and coolant mixtures Restores cooling system efficiency Simple to use 100% biodegradable; contains no glycol
    $ 6.67
  • Zerex ZXC01 Super Radiator Flush - 22 oz.

    Quickly flushes accumulated sediment and corrosion from radiators Can be used on all cooling system metals including aluminum Restores cooling system efficiency by removing light rust, scale, and oily residue For use on light corrosion deposits removal; F
    $ 7.00
  • Genuine Nissan Fluid (999MP-AM006P) Transmission Cooler Flush - 15 oz.

    Helps prevent transmission contamination Removes sludge and debris such as metal particles from the transmission cooler Protects transmission components for extended life and performance It removes gums and varnishes Use as specified in the Nissan service
    NH OE Parts
    NH OE Parts
    $ 7.83
  • Chrysler, RADIATOR ISOLATOR, 68084176AA

    Chrysler, RADIATOR ISOLATOR, 68084176AA
    $ 8.00
  • Lubegard 95001 Transmission Flush, 10 oz.

    Safely removes varnish deposits Prepares transmission for new fluid Safe for use in manual or automatic transmissions Contains rust and corrosion inhibitors Does not contain harmful solvents
    $ 8.00
  • CRC Industries 402815 Stor-X Fuel Stabilizer - 8 oz.

    Does not contribute to induction system deposits Keeps fuel fresh up to one year Not VOC Compliant for California & OTC Super Concentrated This item is not for sale in Catalina Island
    $ 8.31
  • DEI 040200 Radiator Relief - 16 Oz.

    30 degrees lower operating temperature 50% quicker warm up No mixing required; just add to cooling system Compatible with water and all anti-freeze mixtures; For use in all water cooled engines Safe with all alloys; 100% Biodegradable, Non-Corrosive and N
    $ 9.00
  • Start Your Engines! 21205 Fuel System Revitalizer, 4 Fl. oz.

    Additive ensures quick easy starts after extended storage, and ensures smooth idling and performance in season For all 2 and 4-cycle small engines Easy to use, just add to the equipment's fuel tank Revitalizes fuel and the entire fuel system
    $ 9.00
  • Victor 22-5-00317-VK Victor Radiator Flush Kit

    Professionally back-flushes your cooling system in minutes For most cars and trucks Includes 2 #10 hose clamps Includes 3 flushing T's Also includes a splash detector and a hose coupler
    $ 9.00
  • Hi-Gear HG7018s Trans Treatment & Stop Leak, 15 fl. oz.

    Cleans the plates of varnish and gum Eliminates leakage Extends the service life of the transmission Protects rubber and neoprene seals from drying and cracking Compatible with all automatic transmission fluids and additives
    $ 10.00
  • Liqui Moly 1804 Radiator Cleaner - 300 ml

    Liqui Moly 1804 Radiator Cleaner - 300 ml
    $ 10.00
  • Lubegard 19001 Dr. Tranny Kooler Kleen Trasmission Line Flush, 13.25 oz.

    Will not leave behind water or soapy residue to contaminate the transmission Removes grease, dirt, sludge, grime and metal shavings Will not harm seals or degrade new automatic transmission fluid Kooler Kleen is re-packaged for auto makers Special Shippin
    $ 10.22
  • ATP AT-218 Multi Service Flush and Conditioner

    Safely removes sludge, varnish and contaminants Contains no harsh or damaging ingredients
    R & J Automotive Products
    R & J Automotive Products
    $ 10.23
  • Lubegard 60902 Automatic Transmission Fluid Protectant, 10 oz.

    Prevents overheating, reducing elevated operating temperatures up to 40 degrees Farenheit - Optimizes total transmission performance Eliminates transmission fluid foaming and oxidation and reduces wear throughout the transmission Eliminates clutch chatter
    $ 10.30